Sedan 1948 har bara 143 personer fått status som flyktingar i Israel

Just nu sitter 45 000 afrikaner i Israel och väntar på besked om att få stanna.



3 thoughts on “Sedan 1948 har bara 143 personer fått status som flyktingar i Israel

  1. Peter Jensen mars 16, 2013 kl. 04:42 Reply

    Why are you complaining that Israel is clever and Sweden is stupid…. While Sweden have taken thousands of islamists in hunger for destroying their own country and Israel did not. You envy Israel thats all… Go take a look at how many refugees Japand or South Korea have and then make an envy article about that too, so it dont look like pure jew hate from you !

    • bojkottaaftonbladet mars 16, 2013 kl. 08:26 Reply

      This blog is not complaining. The man who produced the video is complaining. Apart from being propaganda for asylums seekers the video tells something about the sentiments in Israel that in many ways is of interest for those who want to compare with the situation here or in other countries. How can it be ”jew hate” to show that there are widespread protests against immigration i Israel?

  2. Lars Andersson mars 17, 2013 kl. 09:06 Reply

    The fact that jews in diasporra are pushing for liberal imigration laws in the West, but not in Israel, is to most western minds hypocrisy and unprinciple, but not for the jews since it is to their advantage.


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