Letter to Talentum concerning dagensmedia.se

Attention. The President and the CFO of Talentum, Finland.  CC: Talentum Sweden, only FYI.

Dear Sirs,

I read a small Swedish publication you own, Dagens Media (http://www.dagensmedia.se/).

Several things chocked me as I read it. I don’t know what type of publication this is, or it’s purpose. By looking over the type of articles, the writers must be from radical communist band leftover from the 1968 revolutionary street battles, how did you find them?

The first thing I noticed was Dagens Media website wrote a story about two of the largest teen girl bloggers in Sweden writing about fashion, their blogs have over 1 million friends and followers.

For some bizarre unknown reason the publication you own, Dagens Media had contacted the advertisers who post ads at these two girl blogs. Your employees had falsely alleged and told the advertisers, Vattenfall, Comviq and Unionen, that the girls are racists and your employees demanded answers, “why do you advertise at racist blogs.” Here is the slanderous and criminal article written by your employees (http://www.dagensmedia.se/nyheter/dig/article3588342.ece).

The slander and lies resulted in the advertiser pulling their ads at a significant direct current cost and unknown future cost to the girls.

First this is slander of a significant magnitude, second is unfair competition since your publication is struggling to get the same corporate advertisers to your much smaller publication. Your publication is trying to steal advertisers by slandering it’s competition more or less in the open. This is criminal behavior.

Third, a large media corporation like yours are using it’s significant power and wealth to literally murder two young girls blogs, to destroy their reputation, to stigmatize them in front of the whole country of Sweden.  The girls are very popular, they have over a million followers, they have many friends from all ethnic backgrounds, they are not racist or extreme as your employees falsely allege. The false allegations your employees made up are pure fantasy in the mind of your employees, one of them being Dante Thomsen.

I demand that your corporation issue a public statement, and your publication issue a front page apology for this illegal behavior and attacks on the two bloggers Kissie and Paow. Dagens Media must also contact the advertisers, retract their lies and explain why they lied to them.

I also ask how you intend to make up for the financial loss of adverting revenues your publication caused? Will you pay the damages you employees caused the victims without forcing litigation?

Infact I also suggest that you get rid of this small publication with only 5000 subscribers representing only 0.3 % of your total 1.4 million readers, a microscopic fraction. It cannot possibly make any money, it must be operating at a significant loss. This scandal was noticed in large media and is widely published in Sweden. Therefore it’s causing your media corporation significant and ongoing public relations harm.

Please shut this Dagens Media publication down.

There is a powerful boycott movement evolving in Sweden. It’s targeting radical media who are in the business of lying, falsifying news, and persecuting innocent citizens. The boycott movement is evolving quickly due to several media lately have crossed the line of decency and ethic behavior. This is no longer tolerated by a significant part of the population, not only limited to the 1 – 1.5 million friends of the two bloggers.

The boycott movement is targeting owners, publications and their benefactors and advertisers.

If you decide to take positive action in this case you can salvage your reputation and prevent a pending boycott action against all your publications, businesses and services.

I wait for your response and hope you will realize this small radical publication is a threat to your reputation and it need to be closed down, please shut it down. It’s activities poses a significant risk to all your publications and will in the end cost your corporation a lot more than only money.

A lot of people are waiting for your positive response.


Xxxxxx International reader




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